Maui Positive Vibez – Peggy Kan Hai

Maui Positive Vibez – Peggy Kan Hai – Certified Professional Life Coach

Make a commitment to your Personal Success:
                                                       The commitment to changing your life with the assistance of a certified professional life coach may be one of the most important decisions you make in your life. Despite major life transitions, deaths, losses, hardships, changes, and responsibilities you are whole, competent, capable, creative and resourceful.

You reach out to a Life Coach because you are willing to take the appropriate risks to elicit change. You no longer want to feel stuck. You no longer want to be out at sea “doggie paddling.” You no longer wish to live with limitations. You reach out to a Life Coach because you make the choice to live the life of your choosing.

What You Want;

*  To eliminate things in your life that drain you, and rob you of not only your energy, but your time, and valuable resources.

*  Identify and recognize the things and people in your life who bring you positive energy. And equally those that bring you negative energy.

*  Surround yourself by people who bring as much to your life, as you do theirs. ALWAYS surround yourself by positive people.

*  Honor your spiritual being, your spiritual path and the very core of you.

*  Make yourself a PRIORITY in life. Take care of YOURSELF. You can’t better serve others in life, if you don’t first better serve yourself.

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Peggy Kan Hai