PJPeggy J. Kan Hai                                                                                                  

Certified Life Coach
Certified Professional Coach
BA in Counseling
MA in Psychology
Ph.D. in Psychology
Business Owner
Published Author
Support Groups Host


Peggy Kan Hai is an island girl from Maui. She is a loving Mother and Wife. She is a woman who has known hardships and has known blessings. She believes life is about having balance in not just one aspect of your life, but in all areas of life. She has devoted her life, her education and her heart to helping others since childhood. She has spent years working with those in need. In time, shifting her focus away from the heavier side of PsychoTherapy and into the incredible world of Life Coaching so that she could better help, inspire and motivate others.

Peggy isn’t one of those people who just talks. She’s a Do’r and a Live’r. She’s found ways to more than survive hardships, she thrives through them. Hardships vary for many. Peggy’s known divorce, cancer, many health issues…a horrific car accident that cost her almost 8 years of surgeries thus far and to most recently loosing first her foot, and now her leg. These things don’t stop her. Life doesn’t stop her. She is living proof of what people are capable if only they choose to be. She believes we all have the power to live, be and do whatever we choose. Life being about our choices, not the circumstances. She often says circumstances will happen that we cannot control, but how we deal with them is completely within our control. Through her Journey, others are inspired.

Whether a client, a friend, or a family member, those who know Peggy or have worked with her will attest to the incredible spirit and ability to inspire others that she possesses. She creates a desire in those around her to want to do more. To be more. To make things happen, rather than make excuses as to why they cannot. Peggy’s straight up approach to life and to people, is like a breath of fresh air in an often to polluted environment. Not knowing all the answers, what she does know are the questions. The questions that allow you to find the answers that are best for you, and the life you choose to live.

If are looking for a Life Coach who will listen, who will truly hear what you are saying, then you need look no further. If you are looking for a Life Coach, who will help you learn to be accountable for your thoughts, your actions, and your every choice, then you have found your Coach. If you are looking for a Life Coach who will inspire you, motivate you, and give you that little bit of extra kick, you’ve found your Coach in Peggy Kan Hai. Call or email Peggy today, and schedule your free consult. You have nothing to lose. The first step is always the hardest in life when change is the goal. But with each step another surely follows, and through the steps combined you will reach the goal you desire.

Peggy Kan Hai