Services and Rates

Services are structured to your individual needs:

I partner with you to clarify your vision, desires and goals for yourself and all aspects of your life. Coaching is not narrowed down to only one aspect of your life. I help you in all areas of your life, whether your goals are of a personal, professional, spiritual, financial, health, or of an emotional nature. If you have one specific area or goal in mind, I will structure your coaching sessions to meet those needs. Every coaching client is an individual, and you needs are recognized as only your own. Whatever your need, I am here to help you every step of the way. Through coaching you learn to identify the road blocks that prevent you from the closing the gap from where you are to where you want to be. It holds you accountable as you follow your path towards personal satisfaction.

Get Motivated. Get Inspired. Choose to live the life you desire and dream about. Choose to live a life without limits, a life where your circumstances do not define who you are and all you are capable of.

As your life coach, I will provide you with honesty, with compassion and with structure and ongoing support. Through our partnership, we together will help you achieve your every goal. I will acknowledge your successes and support you through the challenges and more importantly I will help you learn to acknowledge your own success and support yourself. My goal is a very simple one- my goal is your success.

Please contact me in regards to rates. I respect every persons invidual and financial situation. I have package rates to help accommodate most needs. Throughout my years of Therapy and Life Coaching I have choosen to bill on a sliding scale, verses a flat rate, allowing my services to be afforded and affordable to anyone in need of a little help.

** In person visits are available to those who live on Maui. Phone Coaching is available Locally and WorldWide and has been the preferred method for most clients over the years. Please see the tab entitled “Coaching-Over the Phone” for more information.

Peggy Kan Hai