Peggy Kan Hai is direct and to the point, and often points out things you may not wish to see, and says things you’d prefer not to hear. But that is EXACTLY what I needed. I thought I was hiring a Life Coach; I had no idea I’d be gaining a forever friend in the process. Maui Positive Vibez is incredible.
Christine V., Writer, Montana

The success I’ve achieved since working with Maui Positive Vibez- Peggy Kan Hai went beyond my expectations. I worked with Peggy for 6 months. I had some serious goals, and just couldn’t seem to lay them out in a way that made them attainable. Peggy helped me create an action plan that made it seem so much simpler and possible. She’s truly helped me see that anything in life is possible. Sometimes we just have to get out of our way. There are not enough thank yous I could say.
Judith Jackson, Consultant, Honolulu, HI

I read, and re read my vision statement every morning and every night. I see myself living the life in my vision statement. 3 months later I was beginning to actually live it. 6 months later I was doing even more. Peggy helped me so much and the following year I asked to work with her again. By achieving the goals I’d set out to, I found myself needing more goals. I was able to put things together because of all I’d learned from Peggy the prior year, but I honestly felt I could use a little extra drive to help increase my own drive. Drive is something Peggy brings in all aspects. She is so inspiring. She has helped me to overcome what I thought were obstacles and use them to become strengths. Peggy Kan Hai of Maui Positive Vibes is the Life Coach I chose, and will choose every time.
Jocelyn Thomas, Small Business Owner/Operator, Scottsdale, Arizona

We experienced incredible success with Peggy’s Guidance. She helped our staff truly understand the importance of working together, as a team and the effect it has not only on ourselves, and one another, but on every client we work with. It is so important to feel accountable for working on yourself and your business every day. Peggy kept each of us accountable for our action, and our goals. And because of her help, we continue to live and to work doing so every day. Thank you Peggy Kan Hai-Maui Positive Vibez.
Dr. Silverman, Pediatrics Dept, Colorado Springs, CO

From my very first consultation- intro coaching session I experienced immediate benefits. As time passed, the benefits continued to accrue, like interest in a bank account. So often making withdrawals, I seemed to be lacking the deposits that were so desperately needed. My life is not a hundred times better since starting my Coaching sessions with Peggy Kan Hai, it’s a thousand times better. Thank you Maui Positive Vibez!!!
Michele F., Teacher, Florida

I initially sought out Peggy Kan Hai with Maui Positive Vibes for some relationship issues I was experiencing. I never imagined in doing so that she would help me so profoundly in all aspects of my life. Nor did I realize that certain aspects f my life were not just effecting that one area, but were in fact spilling over into all areas.
Rebecca Thompson, Self Employed, Santa Rosa, CA

Peggy Kan Hai is a wonderful, compassionate, kind and truly understanding Life Coach and human being. She is the most straight forward I ever met, and doesn’t pull punches. She helped me to be accountable for my thoughts, actions and all of the choices I had been making, instead of passing them off onto others, or finding convenient excuses as to why things were as they were, or would never be all I’d hope them to be. Peggy shot it to me straight, yet was so patient and kind at the same time. She knows what true balance is, and helped me to not only understand it, but to achieve it in my life.
Jennifer Schulz, Human Resources Manager, San Francisco, CA

As a parent, a wife, a small business owner, and a woman, I was juggling a lot of things in my life. Some areas were doing well, while others seemed to be out of whack. Peggy helped me to recognize and see things fully for what they were, and fine tune what was needed to achieve a more balanced proportion in all areas of my life. My family, my health, my professional, my emotional, my spiritual, and my financial branches are growing and flourishing beautifully. Thank you Peggy Kan Hai for your true Maui Positive Vibez. You have forever changed me and my life for the better. I cannot thank you enough.
Judy Maglen, Interior Designer, Phoenix, AZ

Peggy Kan Hai coached me into a better more enriched life. The road she put me on led me to be the sop sales person for a Fortune 100 company. She gave me the courage to open my own sales training company. Because of her I have the tools, the knowledge, and the belief in myself to do anything I choose. I am a better boss, a better person, and a better Man because of her.
Thomas M., Sales Training, Miami, FL

I have always had an issue with letting myself get the best of me. Negative thoughts, which often lead to negative actions. Peggy showed me a whole new way of thinking and living through her positivity. Through her daily affirmations I have learned so much. She has helped me succeed in not only my personal life but also my professional life. I don’t think I ever realized how much the two really merge together. Peggy Kan Hai was just what the doctor ordered. Thank you Maui Positive Vibez.
Natasha Henderson, RN, Las Vegas, NV

The call I made to Peggy Kan Hai, was the best investment I ever made. And it is one I will make again and again any time I find myself needing a little more than I think I have to give myself. So that she can remind I have all I need in me, something she so often says, and that has impacted my life greatly.
Richard W., CEO, Chicago

I found myself feeling worn down and just plain worn out. I cannot even express the new found positive energy I found from the very first session I had with Peggy Kan Hai. Her energy is contagious. She taught me I wasn’t a product of circumstances. She taught me I was in control of my life. She renewed my faith, in ME. Peggy knows struggles first hand. Something I didn’t know when retaining her, but found when I googled her to see what I could find. She has overcome things most people in life cannot imagine. And she uses them to further strengthen not just herself, but everyone she can. Peggy is a true gift in this life. I am so happy I called. I have more than a Life Coach, I have a truly inspiring beautiful friend to help me walk my own path. Thank you Peggy.
Stacy Woodruff, Photographer, New York

I never realized how much I let fear handicap my life. I never realized how much I let my past dictate my future. Peggy pointed this out in our first session, our free session. I stayed up most of the night thinking about everything she said. Realizations I never had came to surface. I immediately called her in the morning and signed on for 6 months of coaching sessions that would start the following day. Peggy changed my life. I didn’t think it possible for someone to change how you think, but she did. Peggy Kan Hai is a wonderful, compassionate, knowledgeable life coach. You will feel like your talking with your best friend, but you’ll be making strides in life in ways no other has helped you achieve. And you’ll be reminded that it’s all because of you that any of this is happening. I no longer allow fear to run my life. I run my life. Thank you Peggy.
Nancy P., Baking Specialist, Tempe, AZ

My health was suffering, my relationship was crumbling, my finances were a mess. I was a wreck. I never imagined hiring a life coach could change my entire life. A friend referred me to Maui Positive Vibez, telling me all about this wonderful woman she’d been working with and all that was changing in her life. Something I had seen first hand, and I jokingly, yet seriously asked her what the heck she’d changed in her life. Her attitude was different; her business was flourishing while mine was crumbling. She said Peggy Kan Hai. I checked out her site, and I found myself knowing I needed to contact her. I was afraid to call. I emailed and shared a little of what was going on. She replied within the hour, and by the time I finished reading her email, I was on the phone with her. Peggy has made such a positive difference in my life. And in ME. I can’t even find the words to say how grateful I am. Thank you Peggy, thank you for helping me on my journey. Thank you for helping me to be true to myself, and to live up to my own expectations and not those others impose upon me. You are a blessing. You’ve made me appreciate my life and myself for the blessings they are.
Misty K., Beautiful Creations Owner, Hawaii

Peggy Kan Hai has actually been a friend of mine for over 20 years. I met her when I was 20 and we became instant friends. She’s one of the people you know you want in your life and will have forever. She has always helped me as a friend, and been there for me in ways that others can’t compare. She is truly the most empathetic woman I’ve ever known. She has this ability to make you feel as she understands your every thought and move, and as if she has traveled a mile in your shoes. She is so incredibly inspiring. She has this crazy energy when it comes to life and people. And she shares it with the world. Friend aside, I found myself in a situation where I needed help in a way that I felt a professional could best serve me. I wasn’t sure how well it would work to hire a friend, and if there would be any conflict. There was NONE. Peggy already knew so well, and that only served to better help the situation I was dealing with. I needed her as a Life Coach, not my friend, not the Therapist who’s brain I always picked. I needed her Coaching skills to improve my own skills, which thus improved my entire life. Peggy helped me find a balance that I had not known in my life, ever. She helped me take responsibility for things that I needed to own. She helped me grow as a woman, as a person, and do much more with my life, than I thought possible. I am not biased just because she is a friend, I am blessed because she is one. She was beyond Professional and compassionate, and so patient. Thank you Peggy for helping me be the woman I am today. Maui Positive Vibez is something everyone could use in his or her life. Call Peggy today and see as your life changes, how it was the best call you ever made.
Michelle Baer, Friend and Client, CS, CO
Peggy Kan Hai

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